Tilari Dam

Only at a 15 minutes drive from Shivaaz, the Tilari Dam offers a spectacular 360 degree view of mountains that surround the huge water body. The dam is a joint venture between the Maharashtra and Goa government, situated in Dodamarg Taluka and it is constructed on Tilari river. The drive is thrilling and the hill top is easily reachable. Tilari is also home to several animals like peacocks, wild boars, antelopes, deer, monkeys, bison, elephants, tigers and leopards. More than 50 species of birds including peacocks, woodpeckers, kingfishers, herons, hornbills, Cuckoos etc. can be found easily in the area. In fact, many can be seen from the balconies of the farm.

Tilari Ghats ( Mountains )

At a 20 km drive from the farm, begins a very thrilling mountain drive to the top of Tilari Ghat. Although it is just about a 10 km drive, the steep inclined sharp bends and amazing views make driving quite an experience. You need to be lucky to spot, but the jungles are home to tigers, leopards, deers, elephants, porcupines, wild buffaloes and much more. The best attempt could be at early morning hours.

Mangeli waterfalls

Another amazing hill drive 30 minutes from the farm with mesmerizing views is to the Mangeli waterfalls. Though the falls are seasonal ( June to January ), the drive itself is breathtaking with beautiful views and landscapes. The drive further leads to adventurous forest areas leading to Belgaum ( Karnataka state )

Amboli Hill Station

Amboli is another hill station at a drive of 55 km jungle drive from the farm. Called the Grand Canyon of Mahrarashtra, at an altitude of 690 m (2,260 ft), it is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa. Drive through mountain ranges, lush green valleys and rivers to reach the top and get amazed by numerous waterfalls and untouched scenic locations.

Amboli 55 km jungle drive